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There’s a moose on the loose… Finally.

1 Sep

At long last, the Dale of Norway moose sweater is done.  All that was left to do was cut the sleeve steeks, attach sleeves and knit collar.  All accomplished yesterday since I neither showered or ventured outside.  Please pardon the wet towels laid out to dry and any dead plants in the background of the following pictures.

The front:

Moose sweater front

The back:
Moose sweater back

I forgot to photograph it, but the diamonds at the shoulder seams match perfectly on one side, but are staggered on the other side.  Not quite sure how that happened. 

Pattern: Dale of Norway #10006 from book 100
Yarn: Dale of Norway Falk
Needles: US 5
Comments:  I'm quite pleased especially for my first stranded sweater.  The recipient loves it and it seems to fit him well.  The sleeves had several purl rows at the top which I didn't really get until I sewed the sleeves in and the purl rows were folded over the ugly cut edge and sewed down.  Ooooohhh, I get it now.  Very tidy. 

Also finished the February Lady sweater, but I fear it's going to be too large.  When will I learn?  Wool stretches.  Duh.  I should have made the 42", but I made the 44", which is now closer to 46". 

February Lady sweater

Button closeup.  They aren't sewn on yet but I think they are perfect for this sweater.

February Lady sweater buttons

Pattern: February Lady sweater by Pam Wynne
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers from stash
Needles: US 8

Health update: I didn't really learn much at my last doctor's appointment.  A few potential causes for the iron overload were ruled out.  I'll be retested in 4 weeks to see if there's a change since I've stopped taking the iron supplement.  I found out my blood calcium level is also high too so we need to figure out why.  I was much comforted by this site which makes it clear that the problem is most likely a parathyroid problem and not cancer.  There's almost no cancer in my family history, but there is history of elevated calcium so I'm not freaking out. 

My September knitting goals are to finish the Nordic Mittens I started almost 2 years ago, and finish the Must Have cardigan started earlier this year.  After that I still have Ingeborg and VK's FLAK sweater hanging out in the WIP pile. 

The Blanket of Hope has arrived

23 Feb

It has arrived and it is an amazing blanket!  It’s huge and Rebekah sent a grocery bag of leftover squares.  VK and I are both so touched.  He’ll have another PET scan in a month or so.  He’s been having some gallbladder trouble lately, and the BoH has been a great boost to his spirits.  We can’t thank Rebekah and everyone who sent squares enough.  We are both feeling very well supported and cared for.  Zoey, Shane, and Lucy have been thoroughly enjoying sniffing Abner and Django on the blanket too!   VK adds, "I’m eternally grateful to everyone, especially Rebekah.  I appreciate all the time and effort that everyone put into it to create such a wonderful gift."


I took it with me to knitting yesterday and we had a great time identifying all the different kinds of yarn.  There’s some great stuff in there.  Have I mentioned how much I enjoy my knitting group?  I don’t get to go too often because of my pesky job, but I do love it when I’m there. 
Here’s the extent of how much VK likes to be photographed.

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted.  For a while I had no knitting progress to show, and then when I did I had a wretched cold that seemed to hang on forever.  I’m feeling better but still producing great quantities of snot.  The progress is that the sleeves on the Moose sweater are finished.  Yay!  Of course now I must take my traditional long pause between the knitting and the finishing.  ;o)  There’s about a gazillion ends to weave in.  If I get ambitious, I’ll block it this weekend.  And I still need to put the zipper in Rogue.



I started some garter rib socks in STR Farmhouse.  And guess what!  They’re pooling!  Grrrrr…  I thought about adusting the stitch count, but I’d rather have them fit. 


I made my mom a pair of Fetchings.  She liked them so much she wanted another pair in another color.  And one of her co-workers wanted a pair.  Glad they knit up quickly.  Oooh, navy blue.  How colorful.


I hope I post before another month goes by.  I have a big indexing project (1100 pages!) so I don’t know how much knitting is going to happen.  BTW, you know how it’s the little things in life that really make a person happy.  I got a new AC adapter for my laptop today and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I don’t have to constantly wiggle the connection to keep it plugged in.  *sigh*

The Moose body is done!

9 Jan

Finally!  The body of the Moose sweater is done and only the sleeves remain.  Well, that and all the finishing. 
The front:

Moose sweater

The back:

Moose sweater

There are a few lumpy spots, but I think they will block out. 

In spite of how dorky I look in hats, I have to have something on my head when we cross country ski or hike.  So I whipped up the Norwegian star hat from Charlene Schurch’s Hats On.  Excellent hat book.   BTW, this is how stupor-ish I look after dragging 60 heavy boxes of books up from the library basement for the recycling people to pick up.  I’m stiff as a board and I’m sure it will be worse tomorrow. 

Norwegian star hat

And because I ain’t afraid to copy great ideas from other knitters, a ponytail hole ala Jessie at What Housework?  Usually I try to cram my hair all under the hat, but then as I’m skiing it starts to fall in one direction and pulls the hat off to the side.  Ridiculously annoying.

Norwegian star hat

I cast on for the Clock Vest (Ravelry link) from Folk Vests for a little break from colorwork.  I’ve only knitted 4 rows so really not picture worthy yet.

Like the rest of the country, our weather has been completely freaking weird lately.  The last foot of snow was kind of wet and stuck to the trees in quite a lovely fashion.  Since then it has melted and dumped about 3 inches of rain in the area.  Water, water everywhere.  But the snow was gorgeous for about 4 days.

Snowy day

And just because I am so impressed with VK’s meat pie baking ability, here’s his latest creation.  Isn’t it pretty?  It was delicious too. 

Meat pie

Projects update

23 Sep

Well, I ordered another ball of Kauni for the neck and button bands.  Shelley at Fun Knits dug around until she found a ball with 2 full repeats of the red/purple/blue sequence.  So Kauni is just waiting for that to arrive.  I’m going to do the button band in the garter check stitch, but I’m not sure about the neck band.  I’m thinking that the garter check may not pull the neck in enough so I may do that in corrugated ribbing. 

Kauni cardigan

My commute knitting has been a pair of Red Sox socks for a friend of VK’s.  The red is Knit Picks Telemark and the white is from stash, probably Galway. 

Red Sox socks

I pulled out VK’s Dale of Norway moose sweater.  I’ve knit about a dozen rows or so and now I’m ready to start the more complicated part. 


Since that’s going to require concentration, I cast on for the Everyday Cardigan as a backup project.  I’m making it out of Alpaca with a Twist’s Baby Twist that I got a deal on at my LYS


That’s my update.  I’ve been able to get a surprising amount of knitting done in spite of having an indexing project.  This makes me glad.

VK went hunting a couple of weeks ago and he gave a goose wing to Zoey.  She carried it proudly around the yard as if she isn’t the biggest baby in the world who quakes with fear when she hears fireworks. 


I try so hard…

15 Mar

to post once a week. *sigh* But I so often fail.

There has been knitting going on at Cottage46, but there has also been copious amounts of coughing, sniffling, and nose-blowing. It’s been fun. My birthday was Saturday (hello 39!) and I slept and coughed my way through it. VK brought me a bouquet of spring flowers and a chocolate cake, so all was not misery.

I have made a wee bit o’ progress on the Moose sweater:

Moose sweater

I also cast on for a pair of Grumperina‘s Roza’s Socks from the latest Interweave Knits. I’m using Lorna’s Laces in the Black Purl colorway. I did a pair of socks in this yarn once before and it pooled wickedly and the socks turned out way too big. But I loved the yarn and the colorway, so I tried again. Much better this time.

Roza's socks

And I finished the 2nd pair of Boston Bruin socks and a pair of baby Red Sox socks. I don’t know if these will fit the specific baby, or any baby for that matter, but I do think they are sorta cute.

Boston sock collection

Moose, swans, geese, and skulls

27 Feb

I’m finally posting a picture of the Dale of Norway moose sweater that I’m knitting for VK. VK is a hunter and has been hunting with a compound bow. He has been thinking about getting a more traditional longbow and he ordered one yesterday. He’s excited about it and I’m happy to see him excited.

Dale moose sweater Dale moose sweater

This is my progress so far: Wow! Those needles must be flyin‘! What is that? About 3 inches? Wow.

Moose sweater

Here’s what I spent part of the weekend on instead of working on the sweater. Oh, yeah! We call ’em pirates, baby. I’ve been loving this pattern, but I don’t really wear hats. Luckily we have a friend whose 13-year-old daughter thinks it’s cool. I’m just thrilled to dig something that a 13-year-old digs.

We call 'em pirates

And just because everybody else has some, I had to get some too. Socks that Rock! Must finish 4th Boston Bruin sock, and then STR. Hmmm…. what pattern shall I knit with it?

Socks That Rock

There’s a creek a couple miles from our house that we go over on our way to town. “Town” has a grocery store, fire station, a post office, a bank, a gas station, a pizza place, a fish place/tavern, 3 barber shops, a feed mill, and, get this: the Horseshoe Palace. I. Shit. You. Not. VK was quite privileged one time to be asked to throw a few shoes even though he’s not a member. Yes, one must be a member of the Horseshoe Palace. You don’t want the hoi polloi getting into the Horseshoe Palace. VK went along with it because he didn’t think the fellas were the type you say no to.

There’s also a large tree on the main drag with ropes and pulleys rigged up to hang deer and whatever other animal one might want to butcher. In the fall, we drive by to see if the meat tree is blooming. There used to be a video store that had no windows but enough cigarette smoke to kill a person on contact. It’s closed now, but we don’t care because we were blackballed from it after a late return incident.

Anyway, the creek has had 3 swans on it lately. We’re assuming they are the same from last year, but who knows.


And about a bazilion geese.


Test results

2 Feb

After almost 2 weeks of excruciating waiting, we received the results of VK’s biopsy. I can’t believe that I’m typing this, but my husband has cancer. Some kind of lymphoma. There were cells that the local pathologists couldn’t identify, so a tissue sample has been sent to Mayo Clinic for analysis. That should be here next week and then we have our first appointment with the oncologist on Feb. 12.

I’m scared and numb at the same time. I don’t know what else to say.

I’m going to put Ingeborg on hold for the time being. I tracked down a copy of Dale of Norway #100 at Velona Needlecrafts and I’m going to make VK the moose sweater. I’ve been knitting for 3 1/2 years and haven’t completed a sweater for him. I started FLAK for him but haven’t finished it. So the moose sweater it is, with prayers for healing and strength in every stitch.

I’m a knitter. It’s what we do.